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Recent work by the Team on Digital Inequalities

Find project reports and key research publications by the team on this page.




MDLS project reports

Key publications by the research team

Hammond, S., Mark, M., D’Arcy, J., Freya, B., Elona, K., & Jade, B. (2022). Changing Conversations: Empowering Vulnerable Children in a Connected World.
Stone, E., (2022), “Nominet Social Impact. Digital Youth Index (2022), Developing a ‘minimum digital living standard’ and how it links with the Digital Youth Index.” Available at:
Stone, E., (2022), “Data Poverty APPG , The Data Poverty APPG’s State of the Nation Report.” Available at:
Stone, E., (2022), “Good Things Foundation (2022), Developing a New Benchmark: A Minimum Digital Living Standard.” Available at:
Yates, S., Polizzi, G., Harris, R., D’Arcy, J., Davis, A., Padley, M., . . . Lovell, J. (2022). Towards a Welsh Minimum Digital Living Standard: Interim Report.
Yates, S.J., Rice, R., Blejmar, J., (in press), The Oxford Handbook of Digital Technology and Society, Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Carmi, E. & Yates, S. J. (2020). What do digital inclusion and data literacy mean today?. Internet Policy Review, 9(2), doi: 10.14763/2020.2.1474
Yates, S. J., Carmi, E., Lockley, E. , Pawluczuk, A., French, T. & Vincent, S. (2020). Who are the limited users of digital systems and media? An examination of U.K. evidence. First Monday, 25(7), doi: 10.5210/fm.v25i7.10847
Yates, S.J., Lockley, E., (2018), “Social media and social class”, American Behavioural Scientist, Vol. 62 No. 9, (eISSN: 15523381; ISSN: 00027642) (DOI: 10.1177/0002764218773821)
Yates, S.J, Pidd, M, Joinson, A., Light, A., Maskell, S., Taylor, C., Townsend, L., Weerakkody, V., Wessels, B., Whitty, M., (2016), Ways of Being in a Digital Age: A Systematic Review. Economic and Social Research Council. Role: Principal Investigator. Value £299,634.
Yates, S.J., Kirby, J., Lockley, E., (2015), “Digital media use: differences and inequalities in relation to class and age”, Sociological Research Online, Vol. 20, Issue 4, (ISSN: 1360-7804) (DOI: 10.5153/sro.3751).
Yates, S., Kirby, J., Lockley, E., (2015), “‘Digital-by-default’: reinforcing exclusion through technology” in Foster, L. Brunton, A. Deeming, C. and Haux, T. (eds) (2015) In Defence of Welfare II. Policy Press.
Goraya, H., Light, A., Yates, S.J., (2012), “Contact Networks and the Digital Inclusion of Isolated Community Members”, in Vartanova, E., Smirnova, O., (eds), Digital Divide Yearbook 2011, IAMCR: MediaMir, (ISBN 978-5-91177-048-8).
Yates, S.J., Kirby, J., Lockley, E., (2012), Supporting Digital Engagement – An Intervention with Sheffield Homes, ESRC funded project, (ES/J020869/1). Role: Principal-Investigator. Value: ESRC £60,000, Sheffield Homes matched funding £60,000.
Yates, S.J., Dearden, A., Light, A., (2009), Community ICT Engagement Strategies. Knowledge Transfer Partnership sponsored by the ESRC and the South Yorkshire Metropolitan Councils. Role: Principal Investigator. Value: £85,000.
Yates, S.J., Lockley, E., (2008), “Moments of Separation: Gender, (Not So Remote) Relationships, and the Mobile Phone” in Holland, S., (ed.), Remote Relationships In A Small World, Jones, S., (ed.), Oxford: Peter Lang Publishing (ISBN 978 0 8204 8629 1
Lauener, A., Slack, F., Cassidy, S., Dearden, A., Roast, C., Yates, S.J., (2006), “Methodologies for working with older people: pastiche scenarios”, Gerontechnology: International journal on the fundamental aspects of technology to serve the ageing society, Vol. 5, No. 3, (ISSN 1569-1101, ISSN)
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